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Take the word of our past fellows, many whom have gone on to develop and lead structural, peripheral and coronary intervention programs in their hometowns. 


What Our Students Are Saying


“I recently joined Temple University School of Medicine as faculty in the section of Interventional Cardiology after completing an advanced interventional cardiology fellowship at Prairie Heart Institute. I did my interventional cardiology training at Temple and now coming back to Temple after a “Prairie Year” is like a home-coming for me. I have been here at Temple as an attending for 4 weeks now, and I am myself amazed at how comfortable I feel with starting an interventional cardiology career. Numerous folks at Temple have complemented me on my interventional skills. I know it is because of my training at Prairie.”

Vikas Agarwal, M.D.

“It’s all true. Read the testimonials from prior fellows and realize it is all true. The Prairie Fellowship offers an opportunity to work with an incredibly talented group of physicians with a large patient population and referral source leading to what seems like a never ending case mix of widely varied and complex procedures, some of which have never been done before or rarely done at any other institution.  Creating that list, showing my procedure log, or compiling all the statements from previous fellows would be enough to validate the learning, experience, career development, and “good to great” expectation of the program.
Peter Higgins, M.D.

“Unfortunately, during my one-year interventional cardiology fellowship I had little exposure to peripheral vascular interventions.  I imagine that many graduating fellows from interventional training programs are coming to the same realization I had – one year is barely enough to cover the coronary curriculum not to mention the ever-evolving fields of vascular and endovascular medicine and structural heart disease. It has become essential to have additional areas of expertise to better care for our complex patients. 


Georges Tanbe, M.D.

“I completed a 3 month Prairie Vascular Fellowship to gain additional expertise in peripheral, structural and complex coronary interventions. Prairie Heart Institute is a leader in advanced cardiovascular care providing the most up to date and high-quality care for their patients.

The physicians at Prairie, particularly Drs Mishkel, Goldstein, Goswami and Rocha Singh, took the time to discuss the case and steps involved in the complex procedures as needed. “

Arumugam Narayanan, M.D.

“I recently had the opportunity to train for five months at Prairie Heart Institute and Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd. in the Prairie Vascular Fellowship Program. The experience was exceptional on multiple levels. First, the program recognizes that Interventional Cardiology continues to be a rapidly evolving area of medicine. Endovascular medicine was an emerging field while the area of structural heart did not exist when most currently active cardiologists were in training years ago. This program provides the opportunity for these physicians to acquire the necessary training “

Edward O'Leary, M.D.

“I highly recommend the Prairie Fellowship to any Interventional Cardiologist seeking to advance their skills and career. I was initially apprehensive about taking a sabbatical from my fledgling clinical practice but in the end I am glad I went to Prairie. It was a fantastic & career altering experience interacting and working with the world renowned Prarie physicians. I can say confidently that my confidence level in handling high complexity has grown tremendouslyand I have been able to return to my practice to spearhead the development of a structural heart program.  “

Satish Madiraju, M.D.

My advanced endovascular and structural heart fellowship training at Prairie was one of the highlights of my medical training. I learned so much about advanced therapies from Drs. Goldstein & Goswami and the rest of the Interventional Cardiologists and Cardiovascular Imagers. Everyday was as if I was in a live case conference! I learned techniques and procedures that my peers from other instituitions could only dream about doing. This is a busy year but filled with many scholastic and professional accomplishments. I had the opportunity to tailor my education this year by selecting cases that I wanted to scrub. I highly recommend this fellowship for any Interventional Cardiologist who is interested in learning advanced procedures by some of the best Interventional Cardiologists in USA.

Shady Henien, MD, MBA

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