“I recently had the opportunity to train for five months at Prairie Heart Institute and Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd. in the Prairie Vascular Fellowship Program. The experience was exceptional on multiple levels. First, the program recognizes that Interventional Cardiology continues to be a rapidly evolving area of medicine. Endovascular medicine was an emerging field while the area of structural heart did not exist when most currently active cardiologists were in training years ago. The Prairie program provides the opportunity for these physicians to acquire the necessary training to meet the rigid requirements for advanced interventional procedures. Second, the faculty members are excellent teachers with varying levels of experience. This provides an environment rich in discussions of patient management and evolving developments in the literature. The focus on education and patient care is evident in the faculty member’s interaction with the fellow in training. Third, the focus on providing an educational environment is reflected in the staff of the program. The nurses and cardiovascular technicians in the catheterization lab are a very friendly and accomplished group of professionals. They are great to work with during procedures. Fourth, the volume of patients is more than enough to meet the needs of someone wanting to expand their knowledge and skill set. This large volume provides the opportunity to be exposed to multi-center trials that includes emerging device technology.  The greatest strength of the program lies in the mission of the Program to provide an outstanding educational experience for everyone. Dr. Gregory Mishkel, Executive Medical Director of the Prairie Heart Institute has assembled an exceptional cadre of personnel on multiple levels with varying areas of expertise. In addition to his leadership role, he is an excellent clinician, researcher and mentor for the other members of the group, training fellows and staff.  Dr. Jeff Goldstein, Director of the Prairie Vascular Fellowship Program is dedicated to making the training program a valuable educational experience. He is a superb teacher and clinician. There are many other highly skilled faculty members who function as clinician educators for training fellows. It was a pleasure to learn from Drs. Shailesh Nandish, Nilesh Goswami, Michael Kelly and Roberto Pacheco. Another unique facet of the Prairie program is the opportunity to improve or learn transseptal catheterizations from two of the electrophysiologists. Drs. Ziad Issa and John Scherschel are excellent teachers who ensure that interested training fellows have the experience to develop their skills in this area. Outside the cath lab, Dr. Aman Khurana is an excellent mentor in the field of vascular medicine. He is a very patient and knowledgeable individual. It is clear that he enjoys teaching fellows and his patients. Sadie Samson, coordinator for the Fellowship does outstanding work keeping all of the moving parts moving. She is very accessible and always willing to help. All of the faculty members contribute to the success of the educational mission of the program. I enjoyed working and learning from all of the faculty members. I give the program my strongest recommendation and encourage anyone to consider it for their advanced training.”

Edward O'Leary, M.D.

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