Prairie not only fixed my a-fib but they provided me with the latest technology to help me better understand my heart rhythm and symptoms.

Because my heart problem wasn’t painful, it wasn’t always something that I would pay attention to. When I would feel it, I would have the sensation of “anxiety in my chest”. and because it would come and go, it was difficult for me to personally determine how much of a problem that it really was. When Dr. Issa diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation, he explained that a-fib is a very common heart arrhythmia but left untreated, it can lead to a stroke. That was a pretty scary proposition for me to have to consider.

He prescribed a new heart monitor, the Kardia Mobile device and I was able to track the amount of time I was in a-fib using my iPhone. This provided Dr. Issa with instant information about my heart rhythm but also provided me with a piece of mind.