I had four major blockages and had quadruple bypass surgery by Dr. Jeff Christy and his team. They were awesome.

I was in Florida walking the beach, and that evening I started feeling chest discomfort. Before that, I was experiencing fatigue and not feeling well, especially when I was exerting myself. I’d have to sit down, and then it would go away.

Back home, my primary care doctor suggested I see a cardiologist. I went to see Dr. Nandish, who sent me for further tests.  The echo showed some irregularity, which was a concern for the stress test. I started having chest pains and was immediately rushed to the ER at HSHS St. John’s Hospital. The team was waiting for me.

I had quadruple bypass surgery done by Dr. Jeff Christy and his team. Everyone was wonderful. All of the nurses, radiology, lab people, and technicians took fantastic care of me. I am now in Cardiac Rehab at the Prairie Heart Institute. I’m doing quite well, and I love the people I’ve met.